Operational Services

From logistics and maintenance to customer care, we are here to empower your success. Explore how our tailored support services can elevate your efficiency and drive operational excellence.

Ground operations

Freight transport expertise

Our ground operations staff, rigorously trained and seasoned in diverse cargo and handling operations, ensures a seamless journey for your shipments.

Here’s why Air Belgium stands out:

Ground handling agreements

Our extensive network covers major airports worldwide. This network is strengthened by carefully secured ground handling agreements, guaranteeing reserved slots to ensure smooth operations for your business. Our top-tier network also builds strong connections with essential handling suppliers, ensuring careful attention to both cargo and passengers.

Operational convenience is not just a promise but a reality with our established agreements, providing assured access to top-notch ground handling services worldwide.

Passenger inflight services and catering

Your Air Belgium experience is more than just a flight!

Let your passengers get a taste of Belgium as our catering partners unveil a delectable selection of locally sourced culinary delights and beverages on board. Our welcoming and professional crew proudly represents Air Belgium across the globe.

Using our deep understanding of the sector and industry, we work closely with each client to create a formula that perfectly fits your expectations. From the classy Belgian touch to the personalised warmth of our service, every detail is carefully designed to enhance a unique journey.

Let our inflight service team, tailor a product that suits your flight. Whether you organise a VVIP-head of state mission or a round-the-world cruise, our team navigates through a diverse range of options, ensuring a tailored experience that surpasses your expectations.

Flight supervision on the ground

We provide you with our highly dedicated team of handling and operations experts, ensuring seamless execution of your passenger and cargo operations.

Flight operations control center

Operations Control Centre 24/7

At Air Belgium, our commitment to operational excellence is supported by our 24/7 Operations Control Centre.

Equipped with a highly skilled team, we stand ready to address any unforeseen situations or delays promptly, ensuring that your missions adhere to the contracted schedule.

Our dedicated Operations Control Centre (OCC) efficiently manages crew resources and possible last-minute changes orchestrating seamless coordination to uphold the safety, punctuality and reliability of every mission.


Full CAMO services and maintenance

Air Belgium offers a complete CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization) support system for our fleet, ensuring top-notch maintenance 24/7 through our LMCC Centre.

We go the extra mile with dedicated local maintenance contracts designed specifically to meet operational needs.

Our customized materials flows guarantee an optimal customer solution, delivering the best pricing for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Ensuring the utmost reliability and readiness of our aircraft is a must, and we are committed to providing comprehensive reports to our customers upon request, demonstrating our dedication to the highest maintenance standards.

Customer care