Safety & Compliance

The primary goal of the Safety department is to uphold a condition where the potential risks to individuals or property are effectively managed and kept within acceptable bounds.

Recognizing safety as a dynamic rather than static concept, at Air Belgium we commit to identifying hazards and meticulously managing associated risks on an ongoing basis.

Air Belgium acts on the 4 below pillars:

Safety policy and clear objectives

  • We establish and communicate a clear safety policy that outlines the airline’s commitment to safety.
  • We define our own measurable safety objectives to continuously improve safety performance.

Safety risk management

  • The team identifies potential hazards and assess the associated risks in all aspects of airline operations.
  • We use data, reports, and feedback to comprehensively analyze and classify safety risks.
  • We manage and mitigate identified risks effectively.

Safety assurance

  • Air Belgium implements a robust safety management system to ensure that safety policies and procedures are followed.
  • We manage a risk register to summarize and track identified risks, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential threats to operations.

Safety promotion

  • We initiate and promote safety awareness campaigns and training programs for all Air Belgium staff members to clearly explain the responsibility of every individual within Air Belgium for maintaining a safe environment.
  • We encourage reporting of safety incidents and near-misses to facilitate continuous improvement.

The connection between Safety and Compliance Monitoring is inherently intertwined. Regulations are meticulously crafted to set standards that elevate safety standards within airlines.

By adhering to these regulations, Air Belgium not only satisfies the prescribed minimum criteria but also establishes and maintains a baseline for an acceptable safety level.

A systematic monitoring approach, comprising audits and inspections, is implemented to ensure ongoing compliance, thereby keeping the airline fully aligned with evolving regulatory requirements.