Inflight Entertainment

State-of-the art technology

Welcome aboard our passenger fleet, featuring the A330-200ceo and A330-900neo.

Thanks to their modern equipment and cabin configuration, our aircraft offer a multitude of service possibilities and exceptional flight comfort for all your passengers.

Whether flying Business, Premium or Economy, passengers benefit from new technologies. Each seat is equipped with all is needed to enjoy a comfortable and swift flight:

  • a 16- or 12-inch full HD screens;
  • a USB-port and audio jack;
  • a power outlet;
  • an integrated remote control.

Entertainment catalogue

All our cabins are equipped with a wide and diverse range of entertainment that passengers can enjoy from their own personal space.

Up to 100 films (both recent releases and classics), documentaries, cartoons, and TV series. Passengers can also enjoy a library of music tracks. On the A330neo, a selection of games is available for all ages.

Finally, our new ARC map offers all the features of current maps and more: remaining flight time, route, but also information on the country or city overflown, views of the window and cockpit, 3D visualisation, etc.

Wi-Fi & roaming

With the convenience of onboard Wi-Fi access, passengers can stay connected throughout their journey by choosing from various data packs. The Wi-Fi network becomes available at 10,000 feet, and passengers can conveniently purchase these packages directly on board the aircraft through our portal “AB Inflight Connect.”

Making calls, sending SMS, or MMS is also possible as if on land by activating roaming, which is automatically enabled from 20,000 feet. Please note that when utilizing this service, standard roaming charges will apply, and they may vary depending on the mobile operator.

Subscribe to Chat to sent text messages from your tablet or smartphone including WhatsApp, iMessage and Messenger. Your subscription is valid for the entire duration of your flight.

Enjoy Surf Easy to send emails, surf on light web pages and social media for the entire duration of your flight.

With Surf Plus, browse larger web pages and access VPN and audio streaming for the duration of your flight.

Tailored to your specific needs

We redefine inflight entertainment by offering personalised and immersive experiences for your ACMI and Charter flights. We offer the flexibility of loading your own entertainment programs, including movies, music, and games, or to provide you with our integrated system adapted in various languages.

On the A330neo, our innovative services also include the creation of customized on-board surveys. This survey, carried out in collaboration with our teams, is tailored to your needs and to the parameters of the experience you wish to evaluate.

Our system allows for the collection of information on services and facilitates the extraction of an activity report, a request frequently made by our customers.