Traffic Rights

Our comprehensive ACMI or Charter offer to Passenger and Cargo Airlines encompasses securing all necessary regulatory and operational permits, to ensure smooth and compliant operation of flights across different airspace territories.

This is essential for a safe flight operation and the guarantee of compliance with all relevant regulations and national procedures when flying over any country’s airspace.

Flight clearances, traffic rights and slots

Flight clearances, traffic rights, landing permits and slots are fundamental components of our services. When flights are operated under Air Belgium’s own flight numbers (KF-ABB), we facilitate the acquisition of landing permits, overflight permits, and Foreign Air Operator Licenses from foreign Civil Aviation Authorities.

For specialized operations such as VIP flights, state missions or humanitarian and repatriation flights, Air Belgium diligently obtains necessary authorizations including Diplomatic Clearance (DCN), with potential support from Foreign Affairs and Defense departments.

Moreover, we manage Airport Slot allocations in accordance with our customers’ flight schedules.

Our experienced team is adept at navigating the complexities of foreign Civil Aviation Authorities and filing procedures. Over the years, we’ve established a robust network of key contacts within civil aviation, slot coordinators and airport authorities. This enables us to act swiftly and efficiently, ensuring timely acquisition of all required permissions for seamless flight operations.

Obtaining permits

Our team is qualified to secure the following types of permits:

  • Scheduled Overflight Permit (Season Block)
  • Scheduled Landing Permit (Season Block)
  • Non-scheduled Overflight Permit
  • Non-scheduled Landing Permit
  • Diplomatic Clearance / Diplomatic Overflight and Landing Permit
  • Airport slots for non-scheduled flights
  • Airport slots for scheduled flights
  • FAOC Foreign Air Operator Certificate

Our Regulatory Affairs department is responsible for obtaining short mid and long-term authorizations, negotiating, and securing the necessary landing permits and airport slots.

Our 24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC) takes care of permit follow-up and any last-minute adjustments that may be required.

Our experienced team makes sure you get the permissions you need to run your operations safely and on time.