Cargo ACMI & CMI

ACMI (wet lease)

Our flexible and tailor-made ACMI or wet lease solutions provide you with a completely dedicated Aircraft service, including Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance services. This solution is ideal for businesses seeking air transport solutions in the ever-evolving world of cargo logistics.

Experience the advantages of a dedicated cargo aircraft, free from potential capital risks and with the flexibility of short-, medium- or long-term commitments associated with maintenance and additional resources. This flexibility allows you to tailor your cargo operations to your specific needs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Key features of our ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) services

Additional (seasonal) capacity without significant financial investments.

Enhanced payload capacity and a variety of options provided by our 747-8F and A330-243F aircraft (in our fleet).

Easy access to new markets and growth – enabling rapid and cost-effective expansion of operations.

Top-notch performance and operational adaptability.

Smooth assimilation into your own cargo network.

24/7 Operational Control Centre (OCC) ensuring continuous support.

Rigorous monitoring to ensure on-time performance.

CMI lease

Air Belgium offers a quick and cost-effective operational expansion with its CMI (Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) services.

Our highly trained crews, proficient in both Boeing and Airbus operations, provide a reliable and efficient aviation solution. Opt for Air Belgium to meet your operational needs with ease and expertise.

Key features of our CMI services

Seize market opportunities faster by easily scaling up resources without the hassle of hiring and training new crew members.

Boost efficiency and reliability with our centralized crew resources, simplified scheduling, and coordinated operations.

24/7 Operational Control Centre (OCC) ensuring continuous support.

On-demand additional services

Discover the extra services we offer upon your request.

  • Landing/traffic permits: Global operations made easy with our support in securing landing and traffic permits, letting you focus on your core business.
  • Fuel planning, ground operations, flight and load planning: We handle all your aviation needs, from fuel planning to ground operations and flight/load planning, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Air waybill provision: We handle the paperwork, reducing your administrative load and ensuring compliance with international air transport regulations.
  • Aircraft handling: Our team of experts ensure safe and efficient aircraft handling while maintaining high standards throughout the process.
  • Dangerous goods: Benefit from our specialized knowledge in handling dangerous goods, ensuring compliance with strict safety protocols.
  • ULD provision: We supply necessary containers and devices, streamlining loading and unloading processes for enhanced efficiency and security.

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