Airbus A330-243F

Advanced capabilities

The Airbus A330-243F is a top choice in cargo transport thanks to its outstanding adaptability.

Express delivery preference

The A330-243F has a significant cargo capacity, allowing it to transport large volumes of freight. This makes it well-suited for express delivery services where the ability to carry a substantial number of packages is crucial

Operational efficiency

Its efficiency enables air freight operations to be optimised, minimising the time and resources spent by operators. Its adaptability and versatility make it a key player in the competitive global air freight market.

Flexibility & compatibility

The A330-243F surpasses its counterparts in terms of cargo capacity. Specifically, it offers 30% more volume than any other freighter within its class. This means that the aircraft accommodates all commonly used pallets and containers.

Proven reliability

As a modern cargo aircraft in the A330 family, the A330-243F ensures efficient, eco-friendly operations for operators, with reduced noise and emissions compared to older mid-sized cargo planes in global service.

Technical data

Cargo configuration