Boeing 747-8F

Air Belgium has the aircraft and technology to meet your requirements.

Our fleet of 747-8F aircraft delivers:

  • More volume, thanks to four extra main deck pallet positions and three lower deck pallet positions
  • Increased payload, with a maximum of over 135 tonnes
  • Greater range
  • Improved overall operating costs


The B747-8F is a unique and unbeatable choice for global shipments.

Unrivalled cargo capacity

The B747-8F features an impressive cargo volume, making it the reference for transporting large and oversized items. Its interior offers a greater capacity than any other aircraft, ensuring that your cargo needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Long-range efficiency

Effortlessly connect globally with exceptional range and fuel efficiency for long-haul operations.

Total flexibility

Adaptability is key in the world of cargo, and the B747-8F excels in this area.

Large doors and nose-loading

The B747-8F is equipped with large loading doors, simplifying both the loading and unloading process for operators. In addition, the unique front door opening makes it easy to accommodate special or oversized items, providing a tailor-made solution for shipments requiring extra care.


Achieve efficiency by focusing on profitability, reducing the number of aircraft and flights and optimising cargo volumes to generate substantial savings

Technical data

Cargo configuration

Air Belgium is ready to handle all your special cargo needs

  • Heavy/bulky/oversized cargo
  • Perishables, fresh and frozen food, flowers, and live plants
  • Pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies
  • Wet weight, such as liquids in waterproof containers, meat and seafood packed in ice
  • High-value cargo requiring high-security services
  • Dangerous goods requiring special handling, as outlined in “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”
  • Live animals following strict adherence to the rules set in IATA Resolution 620