Airbus A330-200ceo

Air Belgium operates two A330ceo for both passenger and belly cargo operations worldwide.

A unique flight experience

  • Large individual screen in both travel classes
  • Wi-Fi access during the flight
  • Roaming and mobile services available
  • Latest Inflight Entertainment (IFE) catalogue
  • Appreciated 2-4-2 configuration in Economy class
  • Spacious cabin and comfortable seats

Technical data

Cabin configuration

For passenger operations, the A330ceo has a 2-class configuration with a total of 262 seats.

Economy class seats

Fly Belgian Class in the height of luxury, with a spacious, comfortable flatbed.

Flat bed seat

  • Length 185cm
  • Width 50cm
  • Recline seat up to 172°


  • Screen of 15”5
  • Fully adjustable seat at the touch of a button
  • Individual power outlets, USB port and audio jack
  • Quality bedding
  • Inflight entertainment with up to 100 films, series & documentaries
  • Full library of music tracks

Everyone deserves a comfortable flight, so we’ve thought of everything your passengers may need.

Comfortable legroom

  • Length 81,3cm
  • Width 44cm
  • Recline seat up to 10°


  • Screen of 10”5
  • 8 seats per row (2-4-2)
  • Individual power outlets
  • Adjustable headrest with 4 positions
  • Inflight entertainment with up to 100 films, series & documentaries
  • Full library of music tracks

Cargo configuration

Our A330ceo aircraft can also provide belly cargo capacity to long-haul destinations. We propose different solutions and configurations, you may contact our teams.

Efficiency & reliability

The A330ceo stands out as the perfect choice for operators, offering an array of advantages.

Fuel efficiency and performance

With its advanced engines, priority is given to fuel efficiency and provides optimal performance across various routes.

Proven track record

Thanks to a proven heritage of reliability, the A330ceo minimises downtime and maintenance costs, offering operators unmatched reliability.

Top passenger comfort

Prioritise passenger satisfaction with spacious and modern interiors, fostering positive reviews, customer loyalty, and repeat business.

Global network connectivity

The A330ceo’s long-haul capabilities opens up new routes and markets, expanding revenue potential.