OCC Operations Controller



OCC Operations Controller

Employment type: full-time

Headquarter: Mont-Saint-Guibert

Purpose of the position

  • To oversee the ABB Flight Operations in the broadest sense possible with focus on both short-term as future operations planning.
  • To follow-up the ABB Operations on daily basis assuring that the company’s flight programme is executed efficiently within the EASA and Company regulations.
  • To assist the Flight Operations Postholder and the OCC Manager in their tasks of managing and supervising the flight operations.
  • To provide OCC management with all relevant reports and statistics.

Main activities and responsibilities

Operations duties

  • Follow-up fleet activity and aircraft assignment / schedule optimisation.
  • Ensure a daily and timely flight follow-up (flight watch).
  • Manage abnormal and disrupted operations and ensure escalation to the Management and activation of the agreed contingency and emergency process.
  • Follow-up of the OTP level of the company.
  • Provide operational reports to the Management.
  • Support commercial decisions by analysing route and schedule feasibility.
  • Liaise with all internal and external operational and non-operational departments and stakeholders.

Flight Planning Duties

  • Provide the ABB crews with correct OFP and briefing package for all ABB flights compliant with ABB and Company regulations.
  • Recalculate and update OFP and fuel/weight policy in function of the actual operating conditions.
  • Inflight follow up of the ABB flights and provide mission support to the flight crews when required.

Reporting & System Management:

  • Manage and update the AIMS Management System according to regulation and company rules.
  • Publish various AIMS reports when required for punctuality, actual operational timings, and fuel consumption / CO2 reporting.

Profile requirements


  • Comply with local, national legislations and health & safety standards.
  • Comply with Company policies, values, and auditor’s code of ethics.
  • Report to hierarchy any hazards, non-compliances, and risks whether to customers, employees or to the company.
  • Display a positive, open, and cooperative attitude in order to facilitate a good working relationship with all parties involved while maintaining a critical and analytical mindset.

Requirements and qualifications

  • Experience in an aviation operational environment, preferably OCC.
  • Flight dispatcher training and certificate.
  • Very good knowledge of EASA regulations.
  • Analytical skills, creative thinking, problem solving, decision making and flexibility.
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments, to prioritize, to be proactive and stress resistant.
  • Computer literate: MS Office suite.
  • Knowledge of Ops control (AIMS) and flight planning software (PPS).
  • Ability to demonstrate great sense of diplomacy and tact without compromising the objectives.
  • Excellent communication skills in English (other EU language are advantages).
  • Willing to work in shiftwork / Day and Night / Including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays).

What we offer

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