Belgium, the heart of Europe

Its landscape, its cuisine and cultural diversity, discover all aspects of this small but surprising country!

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From the beach to the woods

Belgium features a 42 miles long stretch of sandy coastline with 13 resorts, each with its own character and unique atmosphere. The beaches shelve gently out to sea and are ideal for children. Located in the south-eastern part of the country, the forests, valleys and rivers of the Ardennes offer a natural space remained intact.

Music and nightlife

You’re going to love evenings and nights in Belgium! In just a few steps, you can go from one setting to another. Sometimes it’s an exotic, trendy or lounge ambience, sometimes chic for music lovers or foodies. The diversity that characterises the country and Brussels is also present at night, with techno, electro, house, rap, hip hop and funk nights, as well as R&B, ragga, dancehall and oldies music. And let's not to forget about Jazz music. Belgium let's you combine the pleasure of a party with that of a holiday. Theater, cinema, circus, street arts, festivals – there is something for everyone, not just in summer.

Belgian food

Belgium is a land of welcome, transit and meeting places. Down the centuries it’s been criss-crossed by numerous invaders who have left their mark in different ways: on the language, on the convivial nature of the people, on the quirky comic books and surreal art, and on the table - the heart and soul of daily life. We are living the good life. We have fries, beer and chocolate, but there is so much more to discover.

Bruges, the Venice of the North

When one imagines Belgium, they often are thinking of Bruges. Canals loop across the town like a string of pearls, resulting in the well-earned moniker of 'the Venice of the North'. With cobblestone paths, brick archways, stone churches and quaint bridges, it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photograph. The addition of swans on the water, horse drawn carriages in the lanes and daffodils in the park make it nearly magical. Listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bruges has the best-preserved example of a medieval city centre, with its belfry towering over the wide open market. With the centre closed off to cars, all the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city can be easily explored on foot, although a boat ride along the quiet canals is something not to be missed.

Bruges, the Venice of the North

The Walloon capital

To explore Namur, you must take your time. Its rich heritage, the charm of its little streets, its terraces and its restaurants are there to be savoured. From the heights of the citadel to the banks of the Sambre, the capital of Wallonia offers a wealth of sights and experiences.

The Walloon capital

The heart of Europe

Brussels is the bustling capital of 500 million Europeans and also the second most cosmopolitan city where no less than 184 different nationalities live and mingle. Within the European quarter, this multicultural microcosm is more palpable than anywhere else in Brussels. Its imposing architecture, its countless restaurants, cafés, bookshops, grocery shops – worthy representatives of all EU countries, as well as interesting visits to important EU institutions and an array of international first-rate museums attract more and more visitors each year. The cultural offer reflects its intrinsic and colourful diversity: from the Parlamentarium, which reveals to the visitor the mysteries of the European Union, to the recently opened and unique House of European History, created at the initiative of the European Parliament. And from the iguanodons of the Natural Science Museum to the classic old-timer cars of Autoworld. Europe is your oyster!

The heart of Europe
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