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COVID-19 Sanitary Measures

Did you book a flight with Air Belgium? Or perhaps you are planning on travelling with us? Great idea! 

Given the exceptional circumstances, we invite you to hereby learn about our sanitary measures ahead of your travel with us šŸ˜Š

All required information is described on this page. The comfort and safety of our passengers and employees are our top priorities.

Before your flight, make sure to note all travel and sanitary conditions imposed by your destination at the time of your trip.

And since we want everyone to feel ā€œsuper ZENā€ šŸ˜Š you may also be fully reimbursed if you provide a certificate as proof of a positive COVID-19 test result prior to departure (antigen or PCR test carried out by a laboratory or pharmacy) or if we are prevented from operating some of our flights due to any COVID-19 restrictions.

  1. Before arriving at the airport
  2. Arriving at the airport
  3. Your way through the airport
  4. At the boarding gate
  5. Boarding
  6. During your flight
  7. Sanitary checks during your flight
  8. Air Belgium Business Lounge at Brussels Charleroi
  9. Airports sanitary measures

Before arriving at the airport

Some useful links to visit before your trip:

Travel documents & COVID-19 testing

Please check the sanitary conditions and measures at your destination before travelling. Certain travel documents or a COVID-19 test are required. These sanitary measures may vary depending on your vaccination status, your country of origin, the reason for travel or age group.

If a COVID-19 test is required for your trip, the negative result of your test must be delivered to you via an official certificate containing: your personal data, the information of the laboratory where the test was carried out, the result of the test and the day of the test. You will need to take your test results with you on your trip and present them at the check-in desk.

Online Check-in

To limit as much as possible the handling of document and exchanges between individuals, Air Belgium is strongly encouraging each passenger to favour online check-in.

You may check-in online within 24 hours before departure of your flight. Proceed via the My Booking section on our website. All passengers who have checked-in online will only have to make a quick stop at the baggage drop-off counter. 

If you have not made your online check-in, no need to worry!  Go to our check-in counter relevant to your travel class and our staff will happily make the necessary arrangements and issue your boarding pass.

Your Luggage

The number, weight and size of your checked baggage remains unchanged with baggage policy and as per the specifications of your booking.

Carry-on baggage and hand baggage (handbag, computer bag, etc.) continue to be allowed under the same terms and conditions as previously. You may consult each travel class baggage terms.

Aircraft Cleaning

Our aircraft are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned by specialised teams using certified products. Special emphasis is paid to individual spaces as well as common areas. Each passenger's individual spaces including tables, screens, armrests, remote controls, storage areas, and so forth are carefully disinfected. A detailed cleaning of galleys, aisles and toilets is also systematically executed.

Arriving at the airport

Please note that some destinations still require the wearing of masks within the airport facilities, such as Mauritius. We therefore advise you to always bring surgical masks with you to these airports (to avoid possible fines). 

At the check-in counter, our teams will verify:

Your way through the airport

Social distancing and all the usual precautions are applied within the airport and throughout your entire journey - from your arrival at the airport (parking) through the terminal and up to your boarding gate. 

The following usual steps are maintained:

For more information on the measures taken by the airports, please visit airport websites listed below. We invite you to read them and to adhere to the conditions and measures described. This will make your journey smoother and more pleasant.

At the Boarding Gate

Social distancing and sanitary measures will be applied at your boarding gate.

For a speedy and orderly boarding process, we ask you to present yourself at the boarding counter according to row order announced by the staff.

Relax - You are all expected on board, and everyone will be able to take their designated seat šŸ˜Š This row-by-row boarding method avoids congestion in the airport and on the plane and facilitates boarding. Announcements will be made by ground staff indicating when to report to the boarding counter.


You will board our thoroughly disinfected and cleaned-up aircraft. Each headrest is disposable (single-use headrest per seat) and replaced after each flight.

it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask on board our flights to and from Belgium, but it is still strongly recommended. 

Please note that some destinations still require the wearing of masks within the airport facilities, such as Mauritius. We therefore advise you to always bring surgical masks with you to these airports (to avoid possible fines).

We ask our passengers not to travel if they have any symptoms related to COVID-19.

Upon arrival in the aircraft, we kindly ask you to please:

Once boarding is complete, a crew member will proceed to close and disinfect the overhead bins and handles. We ask you to pay attention to the announcements made by your cabin crew and to carefully respect the instructions given.

Sanitary Kit

On board our aircraft, our crew offers all passengers a sanitary kit including

  • Hydroalcoholic gel;
  • 5 disinfecting wipes - 4 of which are designed to clean your travel surfaces (tablet, armrests, screen, storage spaces, etc.) as well as a face wipe;
  • A surgical mask.

These supplies will allow you to disinfect your personal space whenever you wish during the flight.

During your flight

In the interest of all on board, movements in the cabin must be strictly limited to a minimum. 

The comfort and safety of our passengers and staff members remains our top concern at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact your cabin crew members for any questions you may have, including questions about service on board.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Meals and beverages on board

Meal frequency remains in accordance with Air Belgium service standard. Nevertheless, some adjustments have been made:

We like to treat you! The high quality and quantity of our meals remain unchanged.

Flying Economy class?

On board:

Duty Free items and buy-on-board services are temporarily suspended on all our flights.

Flying Business or Premium Class?

Your crew members will distribute the following items:

Our modified services by travel classes

Sanitary checks during your flight

Continuous monitoring will be carried out during your entire flight. In the unfortunate event of a passenger showing symptoms during the flight, he/she will be asked to relocate from the rest of the passengers and invited to be seated to one of the dedicated rows of seats preserved to this effect. 

Common areas such as lavatories will be cleaned several times during the flight.

Passengers are requested to comply to the usual sanitary measures and precautions meaning:

The air filtration systems in our aircraft is very efficient and allow 100% of the volume of air is changed every 3 minutes: 60% of the air is external to the aircraft and 100% of the air is filtered to 99.7% by HEPA filters - equivalent to those found in surgical operating  rooms.

Air Belgium Business Lounge at Brussels Charleroi

Your business lounge remains accessible to Business and Premium class passengers at Brussels Airport and Brussels Charleroi Airport. These areas are thoroughly cleaned after the departure of passengers.

The standard business lounge service is temporarily adjusted to comply with sanitary measures such as hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and social distancing.

The business lounges at our various destinations and the Diamond Lounge at Brussels Airport also remain accessible. Sanitary measures are enforced at these airports.

Airports sanitary measures

Please note that some destinations still require the wearing of masks within the airport facilities, such as Mauritius. We therefore advise you to always bring surgical masks with you to these airports (to avoid possible fines).

For more information, please check the Airports' websites:

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