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02.04.21 — 10:04

COVID-19 // Update of 02 April 2021


Dear Air Belgium Travellers,

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, 


Through this notice, we would like to inform you of the latest updates regarding the resumption of our operations.

Although we had hoped to see the crisis and its effects diminish, we must acknowledge that many uncertainties remain and that our industry still suffers from an essential lack of visibility. We are, just as each of our passengers, forced to follow developments on a day-to-day basis and to adjust, with no possibility to foresee the consequences of the decisions and announcements made by the various authorities - in Belgium, France and/or the Caribbean. On the Belgian side, the requirement to present essential reasons for travel has already been extended twice since the beginning of this year. In addition, Martinique has just been classified as a red zone by Belgium and joins Guadeloupe, which has also been a red zone for several weeks.

At the same time, and even if Belgium suspends the travel bans for essential reasons and allows people to travel again more freely after April 18th, the French government still imposes compelling reasons to travel to Guadeloupe and Martinique. According to information received and collected from local stakeholders, these compelling travel conditions are not expected to be lifted for several weeks. 

Given the above, we have no choice but to anticipate the next few weeks by scheduling a return to our flights at a realistic and objective date. You will therefore be able to fly with us again this summer, as of July 02nd, 2021.

By then, the various vaccination campaigns and the implementation of a European vaccination certificate will have progressed and will, hopefully, allow you to travel freely again within the European Union, of which Martinique and the Islands of Guadeloupe are members.

Passengers who were scheduled to fly with us between April 20th and July 1st:

  • You can either reschedule your trip free of charge to a later date or be reimbursed. In case of a date change, we also offer you the opportunity to rebook your flights in August (high season) without any change in fare. Our team will contact all passengers concerned individually in the next few days. We thank you in advance for your patience and assure you that a solution will be offered to each of our travellers, as previously done.
  • To provide you with more flexibility to reschedule your travel dates, we are pleased to confirm that we are not interrupting our flight schedule to Fort-de-France during the months of September and October 2021. You will therefore be able to travel non-stop as of July 02nd to Martinique. Our flights to Guadeloupe will resume on July 02nd and will operate continuously except from September 1st to October 15th, 2021. Our flights to the islands of Guadeloupe will operate continuously except from September 1st to October 15th, 2021.

IMPORTANT: if your tickets have been booked through a travel agency or via an online agency, please contact them. They will make the necessary changes as we are unable to intervene directly. 


We remain passionate and determined to resume our activities and have taken advantage of the last few weeks to offer you new destinations. 

As of July 3rd, you will be able to fly to the beautiful island of Curaçao from Brussels Charleroi.

The French and Netherlands Antilles will therefore be accessible to you from Belgium this summer.


Do you want to be among the first ones to travel in July? Great idea! You will get the best fares if you book now, and you can postpone your trip free of charge with our ZEN formula. Plus, for all new reservations with flights in July or August, you can decide to cancel your flights free of charge up to 7 days before your departure.

In practical terms:

  • Our ZEN formula still applies and allows you to postpone your trip free of charge to a later date for a travel within 12 months of the original date of travel, no justification required.
  • For travellers wishing to travel to Curaçao - tickets are already on sale. Benefit from the best fares now, available on our website.
  • If you would like to get the best fares for this summer, either for Guadeloupe, Martinique or Curaçao, we advise you to make your reservation as soon as possible. 
  • For any ticket purchased for a departure in July or August, you can decide to cancel your reservation at no charge up to 7 days before your departure.
  • This year, we are not interrupting our flight programme in September and October. You will therefore be able to travel to Martinique and Curaçao all year round. Our flights to the islands of Guadeloupe will operate continuously except from September 1st to October 15th, 2021.
  • As a reminder, we are maintaining the launch of our flights to Mauritius from October 15th, with direct flights from Brussels Zaventem.


We have a long way to go and we are still full of hope. The current context demonstrates more than ever the necessity and importance of travel. We remain convinced that the situation will gradually settle down and that the smooth resumption of our activities is approaching. Even if we are not responsible for this situation, we are sincerely saddened for all our passengers and the travel industry who are suffering tremendously from this unprecedented crisis. 

Hang in there and see you on July 2nd!

The Air Belgium Team  ✈️

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