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Traveling with Pets

Pets on board

Traveling with Pets

If you plan and prepare well, it is possible to travel with your pet on an Air Belgium flight.

Travelling with a pet in the cabin or in the hold of the aircraft is permitted, provided you adhere to all regulations.

Please note that cats and dogs are the only pets that are accepted on board our aircraft.

Please book your pet transportation at least 72 hours before your Air Belgium flight.

Pets in cabin

  • Cats or dogs only, maximum weight (including the bag) is 8kg.

If your pet is pug-or snub-nosed, the owner of the dog must possess a signed release form.


  • The animal must be carried in a soft bag only, as no hard cage will be allowed in the cabin
  • The bag must fit under the seat
  • The maximum bag dimensions are 45cm x 35cm x 20cm
  • The bag must be leak and odour proof
  • Your pet must be able to stand up fully and turn around in the bag
  • The bag with your pet must remain closed for the duration of the flight
  • Pets strollers are not accepted in the cabin


The comfort of pets and all live animals is crucial. Your pet must be fit-to-fly and carried in a regulation bag. Air Belgium cares about your pet’s wellbeing, so if there is any doubt about animal fitness or the bag they are carried in, we may refuse to transport your pet.

  • 2 animals from the same breed are allowed in the same bag. The maximum weight remains at 8kg, including the weight of the bag.
  • A passport and/or other travel documents for your pet must be presented.
  • Pet travel must be booked in advance, at least 72 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • An additional charge is applicable – please check our rates.
  • No pets are allowed in Business Class.
  • If you are traveling with a pet in the cabin, seating choice is restricted. A seat at the emergency exit is not possible.
  • Strollers for animals are not allowed on board, but can be checked into the hold. Excess baggage rates will apply if the stroller exceeds your baggage allowance.

Pets in hold

Cats or dogs only

  • Snub-nosed animals are not allowed in the hold
  • Some breeds that are classified as dangerous are banned from travel


The cage must meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirements:

  • The cage must be big enough for your animal to fully stand up, lie down and turn around
  • It must be made out of hard plastic, wood or fibreglass, and may not be foldable
  • It must be leak proof
  • No wheels are permitted under the cage
  • The cage must be closed in a proper and safe way, making it escape-proof
  • Cage must have breathing holes and ventilation on all 4 sides
  • An empty water and food tray must be provided
  • The inside of the cage must be smooth with no sharp edges or protruding nails, to prevent injury to your animal
  • Never place your animal’s leash or harness inside the cage. It can be fixed to the top of the cage or taken on board the aircraft in your hand baggage

Your pet must be fit-to-fly and transported in a regulation cage.. Air Belgium cares about your pet's wellbeing, so if there is any doubt about animal fitness or the cage they are in, we may refuse to transport your pet.


  • A passport and/or other travel documents for your animal must be presented
  • Pet travel must be booked in advance, at least 72 hours before departure
  • An additional charge is applicable – check our rates here

Local regulations

Please be aware that when you fly to another country with pets, you are subject to local government regulations concerning the import, export and transit of live animals.

You may want to check these websites for information concerning the import or export of your pet: Belgium, France.

When you arrive at the check-in desk, please present the necessary documents to our team. They will check that your paperwork is correct, and if, not Air Belgium may deny the acceptance of your pet.

Air Belgium is not liable for the refused entry of your pet into any country. All passengers must accept responsibility for their own animals. You can find further information below.

Animals as cargo

If you would like to transport your animal unaccompanied in our cargo hold, please contact us.

Pug/snub-nosed pets

There is a risk involved when you travel with your snub-/pug-nosed pet in the cabin. This is because they can potentially experience trouble breathing and respiratory problems can worsen at high altitudes.

Please note that the carriage by air of pug-nosed dogs and cats as a pet in cabin is subject to the completion of a discharge for transport document.

Pug/Snub-nosed pets are not accepted for transportation in the hold.

Not sure whether your pet is pug or snub-nosed? Please check the list below :

Note: Snub- or Pug-nosed pets are accepted for travel by Air Belgium in cabin only.

Pets not allowed for travel

For safety reasons Air Belgium does not transport following dog species:

  • American Bulldog
  • American Pit Bull
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Bull Terrier
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • Dogo Argentino/a
  • Fila Brasiliera
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Karabash
  • Rottweiler
  • Tosa


Please find our rates for animals transport in cabin, hold and Cargo.

Tips for a comfortable journey

As your animal may not be used to travelling, it can suffer from stress.

Here are some tips to make the flight as comfortable as possible for your pet:

  • In order to reassure your pet, you could include a small blanket with a familiar scent, or a favourite toy in the cage
  • Allow time for your pet to become familiar with the cage before travel
  • Consult your veterinarian to discuss whether sedation is appropriate for your pet during travel

Please be aware that sedatives can sometimes cause circulation problems on a flight, and that not all animals react well to them.